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Who, what, when, where & why?

Founded by an award-winning multi-disciplinary creative, Lagrafica is the personal portfolio of Daniel Lewis, Director of Nuance & Fathom

Reputation isn’t built solely on what you deliver. It is also built on how you deliver it. With this in mind, my planning, project management and budgeting is given the same attention as my creative work.

Clients never doubt my passion for their business. When they entrust me with their greatest asset, their brand, I commit wholeheartedly to solving their problems.

Strategic thinking, the conviction in my presentations, and the quality of my work all demonstrate my fervent desire for their success.

This is illustrated by the excellence of my highly respected and award winning suppliers and strategic partners, who I trust implicitly and who enable me to deliver an all-encompassing top notch design service.


A little bit about me…

I’m Dan and I am the founding member of Lagrafica and have been involved in design for over a decade.

My expertise lies in the arenas of brand communication and graphic design for print.

I studied at the Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication before moving on to develop my packaging and graphic design skills at Mondi Packaging in Chesterfield before earning my design stripes as a graphic designer at Daydream Education.In 2005 I established Lagrafica, my labour of love.

I have won a number of design awards including the Royals Society of Arts Student Design Award, and was Highly Commended at the Dalsouple 100% Rubber Design awards.

Since 2011, I have been Director at Nuance & Fathom, a brand response agency based in Cardiff and London. Why not pay us a visit sometime?

I believe that first class design isn’t just for those with the deepest pockets. A fantastic logo or quality website doesn’t need to cost the earth. Outstanding visual representation of your brand is not simply the sole reserve of the elite any more.