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All the most common questions answered, along with a few less common ones too.

I’ve gathered some of the more commonly asked questions and laid them out neatly for you. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, either use the search tool to look for the subject you’re interested in, or get in touch.

Will my identity be unique?

Yes absolutely. When undertaking a full brand development process it will be designed exclusively for your organisation, product or service.

Who will own the copyright?

Full copyright ownership will be assigned to you upon completion of the project and full payment is received. I do request that intellectual copyright remains with Lagrafica, using the project as an example in order to continue to promote my services.

Will my project be added to a waiting list?

Depending on the current schedule usually it can take up to 10 working days to start a project, but is usually started much sooner. However, much depends on how quickly you need it and how quickly you are able to provide feedback as we go along.

What is the process?

It all starts with the design brief that can be downloaded online as a Word file, but will likely develop from our initial consultation. A quotation document will be supplied, from which you can decide whether to get the ball rolling and we can agree a suitable timescale. Payment is on invoice (period is 14 days) usually provided on completion, though for larger projects stage payments is more typical.

What if I don’t like the initial designs?

No problem, if none of the original designs is quite right Lagrafica repeat this process. The final design is reached through a series of refinements and tweaks until everyone is totally happy with the result. But beware that the possibilities become potentially infinite and there must be some rational criteria applied that assess the value of a design. Design is functional, and it has a job to do. Too many ideas just confuse everyone.

How do I keep check of progress?

Telephone and email have served Lagrafica very well over the years and we have built great working relationships with clients we have never even met.

In what format do you require my images?

For print-based projects images should be supplied at a high resolution of 300dpi (dots per inch) or above. Lower resolution images can be used but will produce a poor quality print. Please note: It is important that images are originated at this high quality. Images which are taken from the internet will typically be 72dpi which will not be of sufficient quality for print, and may also have copyright or ownership issues that can cause some nasty legal problems down the line. I'd always recommend purchasing royalty-free images from a reputable stock library or by commissioning a photographer. And if all else fails, just give me a call and I'll talk you through it...