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Lagrafica Joins Nuance & Fathom

Bringing you more opportunities to maximise your brand...

Lagrafica has been delivering great design since 2005 and I'm pleased to announce that, as of this July, I am merging with Cardiff and London-based brand response agency Nuance & Fathom.

Don't panic! You'll still get the same great creative services as always, but now I've got some mates to help me. Not only that, as part of Nuance & Fathom, your business can take advantage of a whole new range of services, all designed to maximise customer response and build brand recognition.

Nuance & Fathom are a talented and experienced team of analysts, strategists, developers and creatives who specialise in building captivating relationships between brands and people - engagement just isn't enough. Their superior understanding and application of data enables the successful integration of traditional communication methods with online, mobile and social media ensuring the best possible results are achieved. Their work is National, it's Global but it's always one-to-one.

As you might imagine, I'm pretty excited about what the future brings. Not only for myself as part of the Nuance & Fathom team, but also for waht I am now able to do for my clients. I'm especially excited to be able to offer a wider range of services and expertise to you, and would love to have a chat about it sometime.

In the meantime, please take a look at for a flavour of the work we do and who we do it for. If you'd like to arrange an appointment to discuss your marketing, or just want to tell me how lovely the new website is, please do not hesitate to get in touch - I'd miss you otherwise...

Posted by Dan at 16:44 on 15/07/2013


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