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The 'Blue Person' Wins 360 Legal Marketing Award!

Long time no blog, sorry! I've been busy working with Paul Hewett to build up the Zeno Marketing project list, and things are bubbling along nicely now. If I haven't told you about Zeno yet, remember to ask me next time we speak or visit

But the reason for the latest post is to congratulate Clive Thomas and all at Watkins & Gunn Solicitors for their recent win at the 360 Legal Awards in the 'Most Innovative Marketing Idea' for the blue man concept.

For those of you who haven't yet seen the blue man (or blue person for the more PC among you!), he's a very busy little boy, representing the multiple facets of Watkins & Gunn's services and occasionally representing ideas, articles and marketing opportunities they may have. You can see how he's doing at

The brief was to avoid the classic stock photography representation of their services and make them stand out from their legal industry competitors and give their brand a memorable personality. I developed the concept of the androgynous blue man, but much credit must go to W&G for how they've taken the ball and run with it (all the way to the Millennium Stadium!), using it for sponsorship of local sports teams, Wales international rugby matches, in local newspapers, internal magazines and across their wide range of marketing materials. The blue man is now the memorable face of the company, even though he has no face!

So if you need to add some character to your marketing, then give me a shout!

Posted by Dan at 16:08 on 08/10/2012


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