…to the complete package

Packaging Design CardiffPackaging your product goes a long way to establishing its shelf appeal and popularity in the market.

The packaging design experience is all about colour, shape, contours, size, sound and feel.

For many, people, the packaging of a product can psychologically enhance the quality of the product inside. Not to mention the relevance it is to the crucial matter of brand recognition. It also contributes directly towards the act of the impulse purchase, where seduction is key. By making your product as seductively packaged as possible, it can only contribute to the likelihood of an impulse buy.

Having a fantastic product is great, but if it is poorly packaged the results can be disastrous!

To be effective the ideal packaging should be both utilitarian and desirable to look at. If it’s one and not the other, it’s not performing to the best of its ability.

One of the most surprising things for our new clients is how easily their packaging potential is realised when it’s in the right hands.

I have designed and created just about every genre of packaging out there, from food containers and wrappers, to media casings like DVD boxes and album cases and everything in between.

Our focused approach ensures there’s no wasted time or money and guarantees a quick time to market.