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UKTV - The Circle of Trust

I'm often asked what my favourite logo of all time is, and as there's so many great identities throughout history and with different reasons I find it difficult to say. However, a current brand I find really effective is the UKTV brand.

You may not be familiar with the name or the company logo, but you're bound to be familiar with the product. They're the company behind digital channels Dave, G.O.L.D, Watch and many others.

UKTV Logos

Why i like the brand is not for the UKTV identity in its own right, but how each channel is represented by its own individual icon, but is tied together through one common element - the circle. You may not have openly noticed it before, but this subtle iconography reassures you that you're watching a 'proper' channel, while also remaining individual enough to represent the subject matter or content of each channel appropriately.

Essentially, the lesson is that sub-brands and divisions need not be simple colour change variations of the masthead logo, but can be interesting and vibrant entities in their own right while remaining true to the parent company's values.

Posted by Dan at 20:51 on 07/12/2011