Sharing entrepreneurial success

Supporting many aspects of the Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy and managed by the Welsh Government, Dynamo is all about encouraging young people to raise their aspirations and realise their own potential for creating exciting opportunities for themselves and others.

Anybody who has set up their own business will understand the reality of being your own boss - the highs and lows, the practicalities of business together with the emotional journey of putting your future in your own hands. Whilst full of ideas to start a business, young people may not be equipped or have the confidence to make a firm decision and take that first step – and this is where Dynamo has a firm part to play.

Pulling together Welsh business owners and working in a partnership with all the colleges and universities in Wales, Dynamo promotes and encourages entrepreneurship. Lagrafica is proud to be a local Role Model for Dynamo and play a part in encouraging young people to think in entrepreneurial ways